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Frequently Asked Questions

Who maintains Gx ?

Gx is an opensource project that everyone can contribute to. It was created by Dilane Kombou in Febuary 2023 as a personal side project.

What's Gx concretely ?

Gx is a React and React Native library, used to manage global state inside yours applications. Like Redux, Zustand and many others tools, you can use this library to store your data and make them available from anywhere in your application.

Gx is lightweight, easy to use and very performant. Don't hesitate to start using it by reading the Documentation

What's the difference between Gx and others tools ?

The main difference is on the usability. Gx is too simple and easy to use and configure. Visit our Tutorial to confirm 😎.

Compare to the Context API that React Offers by default, Gx is very simple. This library use Context API under the hood and then it abstract so many thing to help you manage your data easily and make them available from anywhere in your application.

What License Gx use ?

is a free and open source project released under the MIT License.

How do I contribute to the project ?

We appreciate your interest! Please check out our Contribution Guide.

Can I use Gx with Javascript and Typescript without any problems ?

Yes ofcourse. Our Tutorial shows only the use of JavaScript but it is possible to use it with TypeScript too.

See the section Use Gx with TypeScript for more explanation.